Fun Mirror : Amazing Camera, Photo Editor, & Effects App Reviews

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Bends and tweaks pics nicely, with a little less distortion than some apps like this. I only wish you didnt have to crop the photos you want to edit in that initial resizing window 


I lov this app it is sooo freakin funny

Lots o fun!!!

This one is lots of fun to play around with. Good time waster for your existing photo roll and fun to add photos just to mess with.

cool app

Worth the price. The hourglass effect is hilarious! You can use the camera to take pix and then play with them.


This app only works well with bright pics if you only have dark pics then eather get some bright ones or dont get this app!!!!!!!!

Good fun app

good, fun application.


At first, this app would let me save the mirrored image. Now it doesnt, nor can I get any response to my complaint.

Should be free

This app is NOT worth paying for,,its gheyyyyy n you cant really do that much with it,,also read the reviews before you make a perchase,,it will save you some money.

So funny!

Me and my friends played with this for like an hour! Freakin hilareousssss!!! <3 it!!!

Could be better

This app is fun, it has a few preset deformations which make it easy to use. If you want more than this you should also try "Squeeze it". Its free and more flexible.

they stole my money

serosly dont buy this you need a iphone


just got the updated version, which works great on my ipod touch!!!!!

Even more funny!

Having more fun with this application, more to choose from!


This is one of the best apps i own. Its totally worth the 99 cents! I totally frieked my friends out with the warped faces. This is one of the best apps out there, Im glad I found it!!!


This app is soooooo good! I love it! Its better than the lite version. I used to not play with the lite, but then I got an iTunes gift card and bought this 99 cents one. 


Good, silly fun!

too funny!!!

Kids love being able to take OUR pics and rearrange everyones faces!!! way to funny!!! love being able to save them and post them on other forums!!! Just an all around fun app and worth the .99.


I think its an awesome app fun silly and entertaining but i think you should beable to use more than one feature like swirl and square otherwise i love it!!!


since the new update it wont let me load it anymore


Piece of crap! Give me my 99 cents back!

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